Rice Pulling Agreement

Rice Pulling Agreement: The Truth Behind the Myth

Have you ever heard of a mysterious metal called “rice pulling”? It is believed to have the power to attract rice grains, and in some cultures, it is regarded as a rare and valuable metal. Due to its supposed mystical power, some individuals have taken advantage of this belief and created a scam known as the “rice pulling agreement.”

What is a Rice Pulling Agreement?

A rice pulling agreement is a fraudulent contract that promises to deliver a piece of metal that has the power to pull rice. The scammers claim that this metal is rare and valuable, and they convince their victims to “invest” in the metal by signing an agreement and paying a large sum of money. They promise to sell the metal to a third party, and the profits will be shared between the investor and the scammer.

However, the promised metal is nothing but a cheap alloy or a piece of scrap metal with no special powers. Once the unsuspecting victim realizes that they have been scammed, it is already too late as the scammer has disappeared with their money.

The Origins of the Rice Pulling Myth

The idea of rice pulling metal has been around for centuries, and it is mainly found in Indian folklore. According to the legend, a sage named Agastya was able to create a metal that could attract grains of rice. This metal was believed to have mystical powers, as it could also attract gold and silver.

Over time, the myth of rice pulling metal became more popular, and some people started to believe that it could cure illnesses and bring good luck. This led to the emergence of fraudsters who took advantage of people’s beliefs by selling fake rice-pulling metals.

The Truth Behind Rice Pulling Metal

The truth is that rice pulling metal does not exist. It is nothing but a myth that has been exploited by scammers to con innocent people. While there are metals that can attract other metals, none of them have the power to attract rice grains or any other type of organic matter.

Moreover, the idea that a piece of metal can have mystical powers is not supported by science. It is merely a superstitious belief that has no basis in reality.


In conclusion, the rice pulling agreement is a scam that preys on people’s superstitious beliefs. It is important to be aware of such scams and always do your due diligence before investing in anything. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Stay vigilant and protect yourself from fraudsters who seek to take advantage of your beliefs.